NITECORE Unveils the CW20 Multipurpose Pocket Photography Fan

April 15th 2024

NITECORE today launched the CW20 Multipurpose Pocket Photography Fan, a new member of the CW Series. Via its innovative features, the CW20 can handle professional tasks while featuring the familiar design of conventional handheld turbo fans, setting a new standard for what handheld devices can achieve.

Compact yet lightweight at just 321g (11.32 oz), it fits in a pocket or in your hand for easy operation, while also offering the flexibility to create various styles. Made from aero grade aluminum alloy with HA III military grade hard-anodized finish, the CW20 is durable and resistant to scratch, sweat and fingerprints while offering a premium feel and touch.

Unlike conventional turbo fans, the CW20 features a built-in 100W high power brushless turbo motor, spinning at an amazing 98,000 RPM and reaching max wind speed of a 42 m/s (94.0 mph). It starts in just 0.3 seconds, quickly going from off to full power, to achieve fast response and strong airflow, which is 70% faster than its competitor.

The CW20 offers unlimited speed settings and seamless, smooth rotational control. Powered by a 100-watt motor, it provides almost instantaneous response with no delay, allowing for rapid adjustments to the fan speed. This quick dial enables swift changes to match varying needs of different scenes. The fan can authentically simulate the irregular pace of natural wind, making it perfect for a range of uses including wedding and travel photography, e-commerce shoots, and filmmaking.

Packed with 4 x 16650 high-performance batteries in series with 26.64Wh (14.8V) large capacity, the CW20 can achieve high power output instantly and provide up to 20 minutes of runtime at max wind speed. It also supports up to 18W QC/PD fast charging, 80% higher than its competitors in terms of power, allowing for a quick charge in just about 2.5 hours.

The CW20 is not just a photography fan; it's also a handy multipurpose dust blower. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it fits right into any situation. It comes equipped with two nozzles — a round nozzle and a flat nozzle — to enhance cleaning performance in various applications, including photography, home cleaning, and outdoor activities.

Other features include a 1/4" screw hole at the bottom for compatibility with many photography accessories, and it comes with a sturdy storage case that protects the fan and helps organize cables.

For more info, please visit this link: CW20