NITECORE BB nano Portable Versatile Electronic Blower Is Now Released

January 16th 2024

As the newest member of NITECORE air blowers, the BB nano strikes a new balance of size, weight, and performance, delivering a new professional dust blowing experience in a compact and lightweight body.


The BB nano is smaller than a conventional air blower, Coca-Cola, and SONY compact cameras. Weighing 99g (3.49 oz) only, it stands out as a compact solution among professional electronic air blowers. It can effortlessly fit into a bag or pocket for carrying.


The BB nano is equipped with a 30W high power motor that efficiently drives a 35mm integrated impeller with 18 spiral blades, significantly improving the blowing performance. It features 2.6 kPa dust removal wind pressure, which is comparable to that of the NITECORE BB2 Air Blower, approximately 73.3% higher than a conventional air blower, effectively removing all types of dust.


The unidirectional air intake is specially designed for preventing secondary damage to the object surface. The 250-mesh nylon filter ensures meticulous dust filtration, with a density 25% higher than conventional 200-mesh filters, making it ideal for use in indoor and outdoor environments, such as photography studio, office / home and road trip.


It can be used with vacuuming attachments with 250-mesh filter to perform vacuuming, which can prevent the dust from entering the air duct, avoiding secondary damage.The accessories feature quick release design, providing convenient experience.


Powered by the built-in 4.8Wh Li-ion battery, the BB nano can provide approx. 90 cleaning times. It is made from durable PC material and comes with detachable premium silicone nozzle.


For more info, please visit this link: BB nano