Introducing the BB21 Electronic Photography Blower

August 24th 2023

As a proud successor to the BB2, the BB21 is part of the second generation of portable electric air blowers from NITECORE. With upgraded performance and design, this blower can clean your lenses and lens filters to a professional level.


Equipped with a 33.6W high-power brushless motor, optimized airducts, and a 42mm (1.7") high-density impeller, the BB21 delivers a dust removal power of up to 2.7 kPa and wind speeds of 80 km/h (49.7 mph), with good performance in removing long-settled, stubborn dust. The device ensures a gentle airflow, protecting lens coatings and CMOS sensors from potential damage.


The BB21 offers 3 cleaning modes to cater to diverse cleaning requirements. Besides TURBO mode for enhanced dust removal, there's OPTICAL mode specifically designed for lens coatings and camera sensors, and SILENT mode, which operates at only 55dB for quieter performance. A magnetic quick release brush (for cleaning camera body) is included and features a concealed design. While blowing away dust, users can switch to a lens cleaning brush to clean a larger area. Recognizing users' needs, the BB21 introduces a Mode Button placed ahead of the Power Button, making one-handed operation a breeze.


The BB21 has two ways to clean. For fast cleaning, press and hold the Power Button to turn it on, and release to turn it off. For constant cleaning, double press to turn it on, and short press to turn it off. Constructed from premium PC material, the BB21 is equipped with a 7.2Wh Li-ion battery, delivering up to 210 cleaning times in OPTICAL mode. A standout is its advanced high density filter with a one-way air intake, preventing secondary damage to the object surface.

For more info, please visit this link: BB21