NITECORE CW30 Portable Cord-Free Photography Fan Is Out Now!

August 10th 2023

August 10th, 2023. NITECORE is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of CineWind™ CW30 – a portable cord-free photography fan with excellent performance in a slim and compact design.

The CW30 is ultra mini and portable, weighing only 700g (24.69 oz). Even with batteries or other accessories installed, it is still about 1/6 lighter than a conventional photography fan. It also allows you to freely change the wind direction while holding it for a unique shooting experience.

Compact in size, the CW30 features a 42W efficient brushless motor, allowing for effortless wind speed transitions from 0 to 46 km/h (28.6 mph) within 1s. It can deliver an air volume of up to 400m³/h thanks to its optimized air ducts and 7 high density fan blades. The Control Knob serves as both a power button and a wind speed adjuster. Thanks to this functionality, the CW30 delivers a seamless experience with 10 adjustable speeds, offering the perfect breeze you desire at any level.

Driven by dual NP-F batteries, the CW30 operates with remarkable efficiency and requires no external power cords. It is compatible with standard NP-F batteries that power various photography accessories (e.g. fill lights, digital videos transmitters and receivers, etc.), giving you even more flexibility. With NITECORE NP-F970 batteries, it can run up to 138 hours. Even at its highest speed setting, it boasts a battery life of 3.5 hours.

Additionally, the CW30 also features multiple extension interfaces, including 1/4" and 3/8" Arri locating holes, which are compatible with various photography accessories such as carry handle, tripod, and fill light, to improve efficiency. Unlike traditional photography fans, the CW30's wind covers can be quickly detached both front and rear for easy cleaning. Plus, the built-in safety protection system will automatically shut the fan off once either fan cover is removed, ensuring users a reliable and worry-free operation.

For more info, please visit this link: CW30