NITECORE BB Mini Portable Electronic Mini Photography Blower Is Out Now

January 11th 2023

NITECORE BB Mini Portable Electronic Mini Photography Blower utilizes a unique and cute design while Fun Green and Sakura are both vivid colors, different from the dull black, white and gray, bringing you a memorable cleaning experience. The round shape provides a firm grip, allowing your fingers to control the button easily.


Designed by the application of fluid dynamics, the air duct of the BB Mini utilizes an integrated impeller with 20 high density spiral blades for effectively reducing wind resistance while improving wind power. Equipped with the 25W high power motor, it provides 65 km/h (40.4 mph) max wind speed, approx. 185% of that of a conventional blower. Besides, it has a dust removal wind pressure of 2 kPa, which is able to clean the dust on the surface quickly and easily.


The BB Mini is available with 2 cleaning options, ideal for different cleaning needs. Fast Cleaning is suitable for temporary cleaning (press and hold to turn on / release to turn off). Constant Cleaning is applicable for prolonged cleaning (double press to turn on / long press to turn off).

The BB Mini is USB-C rechargeable and powered by the built-in 8.88Wh Li-ion battery, providing approx. 150 cleaning times while it can clean about 30 lenses under full charge. What's more, a high density filter and a magnetic quick release brush for camera body cleaning are included.


For more info, please visit the link: BB Mini