NITECORE Global Reviewer Program

April 12th 2022

As the world-renowned design prize, Red Dot Award has recently released its winners of 2022. The NITECORE BlowerBaby™ Electronic Air Blower Solution and Camera Sensor Cleaning Solution were recognized as winners of Red Dot Award 2022 among a lot of entries.


Therefore, we decide to offer 100 winner products for free to review. You don't need to be a professional reviewer. All you need is a camera and to be active online. The reviews can be videos on YouTube or TikTok, photo or text reviews on social media or any online communities.


BlowerBaby™ Electronic Air Blower Solution

As a grand-slam award-winning brand, NITECORE is dedicated to implementing the notion to "Keep Innovating" to reinvent the camera cleaning solutions. We care for the safety of your photographic equipment. From the study of industrial design to the application of the aerodynamics, we are here to challenge the impossible and begin a new era of electronic air blowing. BlowerBaby™ is the first Electronic Photography Blower in the world, able to produce 70 km/h (43.5 mph) strong wind. The unidirectional air intake prevents secondary damage to the object surface. 2 replaceable filter options are available including the Standard Filter and the Sensor Cleaning Filter. With a built-in 1,500mAh Li-ion battery, it is USB-C rechargeable and highly efficient with a reversible plug-in. A one hand operable brush-and-blow cleaning process can be achieved combined with the Camera Cleaning Pen for optimized cleaning performance.


The NITECORE Camera Cleaning Pen is equipped with a reversible Magnetic Carbon Cleaning Tip with a high adsorption capacity. The Camera Body Cleaning Brush and Lens Cleaning Brush can be installed on the BlowerBaby™ to achieve comprehensive cleaning solutions.


Camera Sensor Cleaning Solution

Sensor cleaning swabs are tailor-made for various sensor formats and camera types, available for M4/3, Full Frame, Medium Format and APS-C cameras. The Sensor Cleaning Mini Swabs are specially designed for mirrorless cameras for a more comfortable using experience with optimized pressure transmission.


The Sensor Cleaning Fluid is safe for the sensor coating, specially designed for sensor cleaning. Besides, the dropper feature is able to control your usage more precisely.

For more info, please visit this link: NITECORE Global Reviewer Program