BlowerBaby™, the First Electronic Photography Blower in the World is Now Released

October 11th 2021

BlowerBaby™, the first Electronic Photography Blower in the world is now released, able to produce 70 km/h (43.5 mph) strong wind with a built-in 1,500mAh Li-ion Battery.


We care for the safety of your photographic equipment. As a grand-slam award-winning brand, NITECORE is dedicated to implementing the notion to "Keep Innovating" to reinvent the camera cleaning solutions. From the study of industrial design to the application of the aerodynamics, we are here to challenge the impossible and begin a new era of electronic air blowing.


The 70 km/h (43.5 mph) strong wind is twice of the wind speed of a conventional air blower and equivalent to the Beaufort Wind Force 8 (Gale). The unidirectional air intake prevents secondary damage to the object surface. 2 replaceable filter options are available including the Standard Filter and the Sensor Cleaning Filter.


The built-in 1,500mAh Li-ion battery provides approx. 90 cleaning times. It is USB-C rechargeable, highly efficient with a reversible plug-in. The power indication function is always ready to display the battery level by a simple press.


A one hand operable brush-and-blow cleaning process can be achieved combined with the Camera Cleaning Pen for basic cleaning, lens cleaning and sensor cleaning with an optimized cleaning performance. The user friendly single button Interface is available with dual cleaning modes. In the Fast Cleaning Mode, press and hold to turn on and release to turn off. In the Constant Cleaning Mode, double press to turn on and press again to turn off.


The BlowerBaby™ has a lightweight and rugged construction from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with HA-III military grade hard-anodized finish. With an ergonomic design within your palm, it is ultra compact and portable with a premium silicone nozzle to prevent accidental damage to the object surface.


For more info, please visit this link: BlowerBaby™